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Documentation Needed for Citizenship Applications

In addition to your application, you need to supply the USCIS with a number of additional documents, which may take you a while to gather. Start early! You will need:

Three forms of Identification

  1. Permanent Residency Card (“green card”).  Make copies of both sides.  If your Permanent Residency Card is missing, please let the Immigration Officer know at the time of your interview.  If it has expired, you can still apply for citizenship, but you cannot leave the country until you have been sworn in and received your naturalization certificate.
  2. Driver’s license or state-issued identification card (I.D.)
  3. Social Security Card

If you fail to include copies of your state I.D. or Social Security Card in the application packet, you can still present them at the interview.
These forms of identification may be obtained from the Consulate of your home country. Mexican nationals should visit:

Consul General of Mexico
4507 San Jacinto Street
Houston, Texas 77004-4949

Download a list of all Houston consulates


Evidence of Trips outside the United States since becoming a Legal Permanent Resident

  1. Any passports and visas that may verify your trips
  2. Any airline tickets that may provide dates of departure and return



  1. Current Spouse – Include a copy of the marriage certificate.
  2. Former Spouse – Include copies of all marriage, divorce and death certificates.
  3. Spouse’s Former Marriages – Include copies of all marriage, divorce and death certificates.


Criminal Record

  1. If you have been arrested, cited or detained and you had to pay a fine of more than $500, you must provide:
    • A certified copy of the arrest report
    • Court dispositions
    • Sentencing and any other relevant documents.
  2. If a traffic incident was related to alcohol or drugs, you need to submit documentation for traffic fines.
  3. If you were convicted of a crime such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) or domestic violence, you must first speak with an immigration attorney before submitting your application.


Selective Service

  1. If you registered but have lost your information, you can obtain it by calling (824) 688-6888 or visiting www.sss.gov.
  2. If you have not registered and are between the ages of 18 to 26, you should register immediately.
  3. If you lived in the United States between the ages of 18 to 26 and were born after 1960, you must have registered with the Selective Service even if you were undocumented.  If you did not register, you must include a written explanation with your application.



  1. Include a money order or check for $680.00, payable to:  Department of Homeland Security
  2. Include your Alien Registration Number (A#) on the money order or check.
  3. If you are 75 or older, you only pay the $595.00 application fee.  (You do not have to have your fingerprints taken or pay the $80 fingerprinting fee.)  Be sure to include a letter stating that you qualify for the lower fee because of your age.



If you are providing any documentation in a foreign language such as Spanish, you must include a certified full English language translation.  The translator must certify that the translation is complete and accurate, and that he or she is competent to translate from the foreign language into English.
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